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Organic & Fair Trade Agriculture is a way of life......
A mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, Western Ghats is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located entirely in India. It is one of the eight ‘Hottest biological diversity hot-spots’ in the world and is generally hailed as the ‘Great Escarpment of India’. Nearly 75% of this nature blessed land is largely used for agriculture from time immemorial by the people here. The good news is that in spite of such prevailing human presence, the biodiversity and human interactions have a virtuous co-existence and a relatively healthy balance.
Organic products from the Authentic sources..
SARWAM ORGANICS, Over the last decade, devoted towards the sustainable agricultural practices and encouraging farmers into Organic Agriculture. It is our humble effort to bring the best food products from the Original Source to every kitchen. Sarwam Organics has earned its name as a leading organic agro industry producer in the country. Interestingly, most of its Farmer Projects are certified under the Fair Trade Label. The company also enjoys a wide reputation for maintaining the highest standards in producing Genuine Organic Agro products from its Original Sources. The company sources India’s finest Spices, Flavors, Aromas and all other Agricultural produces with the help of its treasured team of experts.
Goodness across the globe...
Branding doesn’t happen always through advertisements. At SARWAM, it comes with hardwork, dedication, commitment and expertise. Our Agri Products are distinguished for its Excellent Quality with Original Characteristics. We insist to cultivate in the traditional manner at the foot hills of Western Ghats where the air, water and land are still rich and pristine. The harvest is then carefully supervised to ensure that the goodness is well preserved. We value the aroma, flavor, taste and quality of the products. Thanks to the impeccable quality and exquisite taste, SARWAM ORGANICS is poised to earn an assured place in the national and international markets.
Transcending timeless traditions
SARWAM ORGANICS, strives to achieve the collective goals of its stakeholders – making everyone a winner from farmers to end-users. Furthermore, SARWAM’s professional teams keep a close watch on the ever changing market and the varying customer demands. We abide by the best possible responsible management practices, good corporate governance and best market practices. Over the years this has become a way of its functioning at SARWAM ORGANICS, thereby, adding value to the overall agro-food market in the country.