Sarwam Organics Pvt Ltd


Quality is an Investment ......
At SARWAM Organics, ‘Quality’ is cherished as our biggest investment for the future. Our children deserve a pesticide-free, harmful preservatives-free, natural food. We believe it is the right of every human born on this earth to relish 100% natural food. Therefore, we have taken up the challenge to ensure quality in the food products as our main concern. It’s towards this goal that we have made our investment – Quality Food Products for a Better Tomorrow.

We follow unmatched quality protocols. Tests are conducted at various stages – from seeds to cultivation; from cultivation to harvesting; from harvesting to processing; from processing to post-processing.

Each and every laboratory test is performed in Reputed European laboratories. Eurofins Global Control- Germany, Neutron labs-Italy, SGS International-Germany and GALAB-Germany, are the noted laboratories where our products are regularly tested. We also take the sample of products at cropping stage and test at Eurofins Global Control- Germany.

From time to time, our Quality Control Representatives collect soil sample from designated Organic Project and test for various chemical parameters thereby ensuring the Organic integrity. Harvest is supervised and conducted as per the Best Practices set in the Industry.

We always arrange Independent Sampling companies like SGS to take the lot samples. We get them tested at Eurofins Global Control-Germany as per PSP 25 Wide Spectrum. The tests cover almost every chemical residue under the categories of Organonitrogen Pesticides, Organochlorine Pesticides, Pyrethroides, Organophosphorus Pesticides, Quechers LC-XL-GHT, and Pesticides NCI-GHT.Recently added like Glyphosate And ETO as according to EU standards.

We also utilise the quality control facilities of our processing partner. This includes highly sophisticated analytical facilities like HPLC with variable detectors, (dual wavelength UV/Vis, Photo Diode Array (PDA) and fluorescence detectors), LCMS, and GCs & GCMS. UV/V is Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, stability chambers, and other minor equipment for physical property measurements and also well-equipped microbiology lab.